Monday, January 24, 2005

About that thief . . .

Read Luke 23:39-43

"When thou comest in thy kingdom."

"This clause in the appeal that the dying robber made to the dying Jesus is . . . remarkable . . . How could he believe that Jesus would yet come in his kingdom, when he saw him hanging to the cross and about to die? This belief had perished out of the hearts of all the disciples of Jesus. . . . He was the only living man, so far as we know, who still clung to that belief. . . . What, then, was it that imparted to the soul of the robber this remarkable belief, and that kept it alive even when Jesus was dying?

"It was a sublime faith in the pledged word of Jesus, a faith which neither life nor death could unsettle, that brought forth the wondrous words: 'When thou comest in thy kingdom.' What a rebuke this is to the faith of many thousands who now stagger at little obstacles, falter in the presence of obscure texts, turn pale at the 'opposition of science falsely so called,' and deny the Lord rather than suffer for him.

"Let us sing the hymn: Oh for a Faith That Will Not Shrink!"

J.W. McGarvey
Jan. 24, 1903