Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The Acts of God

Acts 2 gets all the press - preaching, evangelism, conversions,
the start of the church, etc. Big stuff! But Acts 2 wouldn't ever
have happened without Acts 1. Hey, the house gets built in
Acts 2, but Acts 1 is the foundation!

Simply put - what the first believers believed enough
to build their lives on (Acts 1)
- remember my sermon
yesterday: (a) Jesus Christ lives & rules, (b) the need to get
together with other believers is always critical, (c) praying to
the God who hears & longs to act to bless us rocks the world
and (d) and God is always present & very involved in all
things great and small - is what made it possible for
more believers to be
. Or as Michael Green* once said:
"Why should God add people to his church until there
is something warm and loving for him to add them to?
He does not hatch chickens in order to put them into
deep freezers. I often find myself being asked by
churches to speak on evangelism. And sometimes
I conclude that it is premature to address the subject
in that church: there is no warmth, no incandescent
love in the congregation. How could newcomers
survive and be nourished? The whole project would
need to start much further back, by equipping the
church to be the church of Jesus Christ, exhibiting
something of his love, his compassion, his joy."
* Thirty Years That Changed the World (Eerdmans, 2002,
2nd ed.), 37.