Friday, January 14, 2005

The Acts of God

This coming Sunday morning's sermon is part 2 in
my series on The Acts of God, a close look at how God
works in the lives of his people, the church, as the
story unfolds in the book of Acts. This Sunday's
sermon is entitled Praying & Waiting for God to
and finds it's foundation in Acts 1:12-26. What
I'll be after in this sermon can be summed up like
this . . .
God works in our lives. He acts when we pray in
faith. When we put our trust in him, individually and
collectively, members and leaders alike, we are
assured that we receive from him, and that what
we receive is best. This is part of what makes us
Incidently, several themes are repeated in the latter half
of Acts 1 (1:12-26) that were brought up in the first
half of that chapter (1:1-11) which I preached from last
Sunday. Following are the most significant repeated
themes, many of which will be important subjects
throughout the entire book of Acts:
Jesus’ presence & work – 1:1,21b
Jesus’ ascension – 1:2,9,11,22
Holy Spirit – 1:2,5b,8,16
Jesus’ choosing of the apostles – 1:2,24b
Jesus’ betrayal & passion – 1:3a,16b
Jesus’ resurrection – 1:3,22b
Staying in Jerusalem – 1:4a,12
Waiting – 1:4a,13a
John’s baptism – 1:5a,22a
Together – 1:6,14
Witness – 1:8,22b
Prayer – 1:14,24