Saturday, January 01, 2005

Baytown CW vets

Some of them were born in our backyard; others were born on the other side of the world. Some had a strong hand in shaping our community; others were known only to a few. Some of them knew the horrors of war first-hand; others never saw a day of combat. Yet they all have this in common ...

Baytown is home to their remains.

Contrary to common thought, Baytown’s strongest link to the Civil War is not Col. Ashbel Smith, “The Bayland Guards” (Co.C of the 2nd Texas Infantry), the Goose Creek shipbuilding efforts or even the childrens’ home for orphans of Confederate veterans. Baytown’s strongest link, I dare say, is found in the lives of the men who came to Baytown as veterans of that war. Shaped in part by their wartime experiences, they were a part of our community and helped shape it into what it is today.

Previous attempts have been made to make a listing of the Civil War veterans buried here in Baytown and I deeply indebted to the work of all who have gone before me. However, all the listings I have seen of the Civil War veterans buried in Baytown, TX are either now quite dated and/or are admittedly incomplete - something this attempt will be someday, too - dated and incpmplete! It's time for a fresh attempt. So be it.

Shiloh. Antietam. Gettysburg. Vicksburg. Cold Harbor. Petersburg. Such battles seem so distant. But the men who fought them are very near. Help me find them and find out about them. They are largely forgotten. Let them be forgotten no more.

Contact me if you have pertinent information regarding any of these men, please.
David Smith (

An article by Deana Nall in the 11/11/2004 (p.1,8) of the Baytown Sun sums up the state of my research of Baytown Civil war veterans at the present time. This article is available online at: