Thursday, January 13, 2005

Humor - cold parrot

One day an elderly preacher confided to his
congregation that he had been feeling a bit lonely
and depressed. So one of the members suggested he
buy a pet. Thinking this was a great idea, the preacher
hurried into town and after much deliberation,
bought a parrot. Unfortunately, not five minutes after
arriving home, the parrot began hurling, of all things,
a string of expletives at the preacher.

After about an hour it was really beginning to grate on
the preacher's nerves, so the preacher walked up to
the parrot, slaped him on the beak, and yelled, "Quit
" But this just made the parrot angry and it started
cursing at the preacher in even more colorful language.

Finally the preacher had enough of this behavior and
said, "All right, that's it! Grabbing a blanket, the
preacher threw it over the parrot's cage and
hollered, "Now, SHUT UP!"

Well, this really irritated the parrot and he started
clawing and scratching at the bars of his cage, so the
preacher removed the blanket - only to hear the
parrot start up with its cussing once more.

By this time, the preacher was so infuriated that he
grabbed the parrot by the throat and threw him into
the freezer. Well, the parrot started cursing and
thrashing about so loudly that the preacher
considering killing the bird. Just as he thought this,
he realized things had gotten very quiet in the freezer.

At first the preacher just stared at the refrigerator, but
then he began to think the parrot might be seriously
injured. He became so worried that he ran over to the
refrigerator and threw open the freezer door.

The parrot climbed out of the freezer, flapped the ice
off his wings, and said, "I'm awfully sorry about the
trouble I've been causing you. In the future, I'll do
my best to improve my vocabulary. You'll notice a
big difference."

The preacher was astounded! He simply couldn't
believe the sudden transformation that had come over
his parrot. Finally the parrot turned to the preacher
and said, "Um . . . by the way, what did the chicken do?"