Friday, January 07, 2005

Luke 1:1-4

Petition: Luke 1:1-4

Heavenly Father, you are wisdom and love! For you have seen ahead and provided exactly what my mind and life need - guidance as to your truth and how your will works out in life. You care for my soul and seek to steer me in an uncertain world to places of certainty and confidence.

I thank you for raising up faithful servants through the ages, especially those who have had a direct hand in passing on your will to me. I thank you that your story
has been told again and again. My world is filled with you word, and I thank you.

Father, bless all who labor in your word still today; those whose hard work I too easily take for granted. Bless those who have translated your word into words
I understand. Bless those who have sacrificed much and laid much on the line that your word might be conveyed to others. Bless and enrich their lives and their work for the glory of your name and for the praise of your goodness.

And Father in heaven, give me eyes to see those around me who could use a reassuring word as to certainty of your word. Give me drive and strength to help those you enable me to see. Equip me to ever work, and work well, in your word and with it for my own blessing and the blessing of others. May your word never return void to you from my life and may the beauty and certainty of your truth always be seen in me. Forgive me when I doubt you, I pray and when I do, send someone with your word and confidence to me.

For I pray in the name of Jesus. Amen.