Saturday, January 08, 2005

Luke 1:1-4

Application: Lk.1:1-4

A Better Than Average Story

". . . since a number of others . . . have sketched narratives of what all has transpired among us, it seemed appropriate for me, too . . ." (Luke 1:1-4 DSV)

I have a very good friend who loves to tell stories. Oh, he's not big into fiction or stories that stretch the truth. No, his delight is in stories that convey truth. Or as I've heard him put it: "This is the simple, unvarnished truth" or "This has the ring of t-r-u-t-h to it."

Now before my friend tells you a story, he'll usually preface it either with a certain statement ("Now here's a true story . . .") or a question ("Would you like to hear a better-than- average-story?"), but either way, you know what's coming - a real-life account of something that has made a great impression of truth on his mind. Often it's something he's experienced in his own life and he's learned a lesson from. Equally as often its something he knows has been reliably passed on to him from those who were there and either saw it or heard it with their own eyes and ears.

And whatever this truth he's come upon, well, I'll tell you this, he simply can't keep it to himself. He must share it; he has to share it. Why, I think it would be
easier for him to will his heart to stop beating than to will his mouth to stop telling what he believed was helpful, constructive, positive truth.

And share it he does - again and again and again. For you see my friend is growing older in years, and occasionally doesn't realize that I've already heard some of his stories before. But that doesn't deter him (even though I know he knows he repeats himself sometimes). And for that I'm thankful, because with each retelling I often pick up some angle or detail that I missed out on from the story's first telling.

Now that I stop and think about it, my dear friend reminds something of what Luke said when he first set his pen to the scroll and wrote what we know today as The Gospel According to Luke. It went something like this:

"I know you may have already heard some of the, story I'm about to tell you from a lot of other people, but I'm going to tell it to you anyway, because it's the truth and in my telling it to you again, I suspect you'll find your confidence grow in the truth of it all. And truth it is, the mightiest kind of truth - the kind of truth people share and repeat, live for and serve.

I'm thankful for my friend who likes to tell stories. Truth be told, I love him, in part, for his stories. And I'm thankful for my friend, Luke, who tells me the story. I have a feeling "a better-than-average story" is about to happen. I think I'll listen and try to, as my friend would put it, "learn myself somethin'."

Tell me a story, Luke!