Monday, January 10, 2005

Luke 1:5-25


1. Luke gives his story some general, historical parameters as to date when he mentions it took place during the reign of Herod (1:5). When did Herod rule
and are there other general indicators of time in Luke's Gospel?

2. What is the connection between having "no children" and yet being people who "obey" God (1:6-7,13,25)?

3. How did the priesthood's service of the temple work?

4. What parallels of thought or similarity of themes are there between this Gospel's prologue (1:1-4) and this opening section?

5. What does this section have to say about God and his interest and/or interaction with humans?

6. What does it mean that John will be "in the spirit and power of Elijah?" (1:17)

7. What specific subjects are first introduced in this section that will be brought up often throughout the rest of Luke's Gospel (and/or Acts)?

8. What touches of irony are seen in this section?

9. Though Judaism in Jesus' time was a male-dominated institution, Elizabeth, a Jewish woman plays a key role in this opening section. Where else do women get
mentioned in Luke's Gospel and play an important role? How does this compare or contrast with Matthew, Mark and John's Gospels?

10. What role do angels play elsewhere in Luke and Acts?