Saturday, January 01, 2005

Luke-Acts study

I’ve begun a very deliberate, slow study of Luke-Acts (Luke is my favorite writer in the Bible). Just how slow is "slow?" I ponder about a paragraph a week. Slow, unlike anything else in my life.

Why Luke-Acts?
". . . Luke is responsible for more material . . . than any other New Testament writer." (Joel B. Green, The Theology of the Gospel of Luke, p.xi)
To dive into the writings of the disciple named Luke is to delve into the very heart and soul of Christian faith.

Why do this?
". . . the third gospel is the best life of Christ ever written." (William Barclay)
To help me grow into his word and his word into me. To help me grow as a disciple of Jesus. To help others grow likewise.

What's the plan?

On Sunday I paraphrase the text. Monday is about jotting down questions that come to mind. On Tuesday I notice links the text has with other texts. Various things I've noticed about the text get noted on Wednesday. On Thursday I copy quotes from reference works I've consulted. A prayer of adoration or petition based on the text gets composed on Friday. On Saturday I apply the Scripture to life today.

I’ll start posting my study notes here tomorrow. Plod, ponder and pray along with me.