Saturday, January 29, 2005

One needful thing

"Every true Christian community is a training center,
in which we learn to discard our old habits of getting
all we can for ourselves, and acquire motives and
means for giving all we can to others." {Eugene
Peterson, commenting on Acts 2:43-45 in
Praying with the Early Christians}

"As one views modern congregations, many with
their hectic round of activities . . . one suspects that
socialization is being substituted for the gospel,
warm-hearted busyness is being offered in lieu of
Spirit-empowered community. One wonders if the
church needs to reflect again that when all is said and
done 'one things is needful' (Luke 10:42), namely to
embody, the church's unique way, the peculiarity of
the call to devote ourselves 'to the apostles' teaching
and fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the
prayers' (Acts 2:42)." {William Willimon, Acts, p.42}.