Thursday, January 20, 2005

Preaching preview

This coming Sunday (23rd) morning's sermon is part 3
in our series on The Acts of God, a look at how God
works in the lives of his people, the church, as told in
the book of Acts. This Sunday's sermon is entitled What
God is Offering You & How to Receive It
and finds it's
foundation in Acts 2:22-24,36-41. This will be a
thoroughly evangelistic sermon - it's the perfect sermon
for your yet-to-believe friend to hear or anyone who
just wants to know the answer to the question "What
must I do to be right with God?" Something of a
summary of what I'll be trying to say could be put
like this:
God has powerfully demonstrated his love and
faithfulness to us all, but all of us have proven
ourselves to be enemies of his perfect holiness and
love through defiance and indifference. Even in our
times of greatest goodness, we fall short of his glory.
Is there any way this broken relationship with our
Maker can be fixed? Yes, thanks to God and his
continuing mercy toward us! Inspite of what we
have done - or not done - when we turn our life over
to him - immersing our life in him - God gives us
more than we can imagine - complete forgiveness
and power to live a Christ-honoring life.
So won't you read, reflect and pray over Acts 2:1-41
before coming to church this Sunday? And invite a
friend you believe might be open to becoming a