Monday, January 17, 2005

Review : Luke

Luke for Everyone
Wright, Tom
Westminster Kohn Knox Press
2004, 319pp, pb

You're probably familiar with the name William Barclay
and his very popular "Daily Study Bible series" (DSB).
Though originally published thirty years ago, it's still in
print. today. Barclay was a wordsmith par excellence.
Insightful, practical and concise, the DSB set the
standard for a devotional New Testament commentary
series. However, his fine work limps somewhat from
the fact that Barclay was a classic liberal scholar; his
views of all things supernatural was more than a little

Now enter stage right, N.T. ("Tom") Wright and his
". . . for Everyone" series. N.T. Wright is unquestionably
one of the finest New Testament scholars alive today.
And alive he is indeed as his prolific writing and
consistent, vigorous defense of Christian faith against
liberal bias gives ample evidence. He currently serves
as the Bishop of Durham in the Church of England.

If you're looking for a NT series that makes for easy-
reading without being shallow and seeks current,
life-application to all that is written without sacrificing
scholarly integrity, this is hands down the best series in
print. If you own Barclay's DSB series and use/enjoy it,
you will enjoy this series, too. In fact, the compliment
each other well in that Barclay has more specific
information (word studies, explanation of backgrounds
and customs, etc.), while Wright excels in explaining
how a text fits in with the overall scope of things and
in communicating things in a contemporary way.

Good stuff!