Sunday, January 16, 2005

Waiting & praying

“Waiting, an onerous burden for us computerized and
technically impatient moderns who live in an age of
instant everything, is one of the tough tasks of the
church. Our waiting implies that the things which need
doing in the world are beyond our ability to accomplish
solely by our own effort, our programs and crusades.
Some other empowerment is needed, therefore the
church waits and prays. Our waiting and praying also
indicate that the gift of the Spirit is never an assured
possession of the church. It is a gift, a gift which must
be constantly sought anew in prayer.

Even to know all about Jesus, even to have received
instruction from Jesus himself for forty days is not
enough to accomplish the church’s mission. The
challenge is not the intellectual one of knowing enough
to tell about Jesus but rather the challenge is to have
the authorixation and empowerment which enable
succeeding witnesses to be doing the work of Jesus.
Until those who know the facts also experience the
power, they do well first to wait in Jerusalem and to
pray.” (William Willimon, The Acts of the Apostles,