Saturday, February 19, 2005

Carroll, Z. - bio

Carroll, Zachariah
b.1/22/1822; d.1/29/1878.
Cedar Bayou Methodist Cemetery; Baytown, TX
(Harris County, Texas)

I do not know if this man was a veteran of the Civil War. He certainly was old enough to have possibly served, having been born in 1822, but whether or not he served I do not know. He is a “possible” veteran at best due only to his age, and even that making him a less likely possibility. [i] However, this much I do know – contrary to what one of the markers on his grave declares, he certainly did not serve as a Sergeant in Co.D of the CSA, 44th Tennessee Infantry Regiment!

The “Zachariah Carroll” who served in the CSA, 44th TN applied for a Confederate pension from the state of Tennessee in April 1903 from Franklin, Tennessee - a full twenty-five years after the death of the “Zachariah Carroll” buried here in Baytown. This same Zachariah had married a woman by the name by the name of “Mary J. (Knight) Miller” on 9/7/1865 and, at the time of his pension application thirty-eight years later, stated that he had lived in Tennessee “all my life.” This Zachariah died on 6/1/1905 near Winchester, Tennessee.

The “Zachariah Carroll” buried in Baytown has two grave markers, one of which reads: “Married to Susan Clark” and both of which give his birth date as Jan. 22, 1822 and his date of death as Jan. 29, 1878.

All of which simply goes to show - just because it’s written in stone, doesn’t make it true. The same error is repeated in a variety of printed lists of area Civil War veterans. [ii]

If you have information about the "Zachariah Carroll" buried in Baytown, TX, I would enjoy hearing from you [iii] and learning about this man. If you are researching the "Zachariah N. Carroll" who did indeed serve in the CSA, 44th TN Infantry, I have copies of his pension application (which was rejected), his widow’s pension application (which also was rejected) and their marriage license. I’d be happy to share copies of them with you.


i. The vast majority of Civil War veterans were born somewhere between the late 1820’s to late 1840’s. There certainly were exceptions to that rule, but from my research of several hundred Union and Confederate veterans buried in Oklahoma and Texas, that is precisely what they would be - exceptions.

ii. Two examples will suffice here. There is a list compiled by Mrs. Adrien F. Drouilhet for the Dabney-Goodwin Chapter (#2201) of the United Daughters of the Confederacy in Baytown, TX in October 1964 entitled Confederate Army Soldiers Buried in Baytown Area, East Harris County, Texas in the vertical files of the Sterling Municipal Public Library here in Baytown which also mistakenly credits the Zachariah Carroll buried in Baytown as having served in the CSA, 44th TN Infantry. The same error is repeated in a publication entitled Roster of Confederate Veterans Interred in Houston, Harris County, Texas compiled by Ronald S. Warden on the shelf at the Clayton Genealogical Library in Houston, TX (976.4141 W265 Harri Tex). Being only human, all researchers are quite fallible, most imperfect of which is myself. Double-check everything and if you really want to know, you might have to research it yourself. :-)

[iii] E-mail me at: