Friday, February 25, 2005

Money & security

“. . . money . . . is also the occasion for much self-deceit. There is something quite natural about the lies of Ananias and Sapphira, for we all know the way we rationalize and excuse our own covetousness, acquisitiveness, and greed. ‘I’m not really all that well off,’ we say. ‘I have all I can do just to make ends meet.’ ‘I worked hard for this and I deserve it.’ Our lies are a correlate of our materialism, for both our materialism and our self-deceit are our attempts to deal with our human insecurity, our human finitude, by taking matters into our own hands. Luther once called security the ultimate idol. And we have shown time and again that we are willing to exchange anything – our family, our health, our church, the truth – for a taste of security. We are vulnerable animals who seek to secure and establish our lives in improper ways, living by our wits rather than by faith. The ‘self-securing mentality is at the heart of all failures to live by faith in God.” William Willimon