Friday, February 04, 2005

Preaching preview

I'll be stepping out of my series on The Acts of God
this coming Sunday morning and will be preaching from
Mark 12:28-34. The title is simply Not Far From God's
This will be an especially good sermon for
someone who isn't yet a Christian to hear; it's very much
an "evangelistic" sermon. Here's the summary of this
sermon's primary thought:
How close would Jesus say you are to letting God
truly rule your life? How near, or far, are you from
the kingdom of God? What are you doing to actively
submit your way of thinking and living to God? When
will you completely submit to Jesus’ management of
your life? Jesus, the Son of God, knows exactly here
you’re at in life and what you’re doing with it. Now is
the best time to give your life over to him. You’re not
far from him; take a step closer and don't stop