Saturday, February 05, 2005

Review: OT Roots

The Old Testament Roots of Our Faith
Achtemeier, Paul J. & Elizabeth
Hendrickson, 1994 revised, 142pp, pb

If you're fairly clueless about how the OT fits together . . . or why it's important to understand it since you're a Christian . . . or how it works with the NT . . . or you just want an informed, but readable, bird's eye view of the OT . . . then this book is for you. In fact, if I could get every Christian to read something about the OT (aside from the OT itself, obviously!), it would be this book.

Elizabeth is one of my favorite authors and Paul is no slouch. Brief and well-organized, this book's seven chapters make for an insightful, but easy week's read. It would be the perfect companion for you as we begin a new quarter of Bible study at our church in the OT.