Sunday, February 13, 2005

Software: backup

What's the difference between intending to backup
everything you want to save on your computer and
actually doing it? A lot! And what makes the
difference? In part, probably the ease with which
you can do the back up.

If you're looking for some easy-to-use, reliable,
get-the-job-done sort of software that will help
move you beyond good intentions to real action,
download a copy of SyncBack. And it's

And while I haven't tried it out yet, Memeo is
definitely one I'll be trying out soon since it promises
to do all your backups automatically in the background
keeping you set up with with a perfectly current backup
effortlessly, no matter your intentions! And while it's
still available as "preview software," it's f-r-e-e.
The only downside is it appears to be a bit of a memory