Tuesday, March 01, 2005

America & the gospel

Where does the greatness of the United States end and the kingdom of God begin? Believe it or not, the colors of God’s kingdom are not red, white and blue. There’s mustn’t be any confusion between the greatest nation on earth and the greatest message on earth. To the Christian, it's never a matter of "my nation, right or wrong," but it's ever about "God alone is true and let every man be found a lier." Don’t misunderstand - I’m proud to be an American – very proud - but my supreme love is for God our Father through the Lord Jesus Christ. America is not the gospel; the gospel must go out to America.

Do I have your attention?

In light of those thoughts, you should know that David Dark has a new book out entitled The Gospel According to America: Remembering the Through-a-Glass-Darkly clause (Westminster John Knox Press, 2005). Following is a brief quote from it:
"When the Bible is viewed primarily as a collection of devotional thoughts, its status as the most devastating work of social criticism in history is forgotten. Once we've taken it off its pedestal long enough to actually read what it says, how does the principality called America interpret the gospel? In an age when many churchgoing Americans appear to view the purposes of the coming kingdom of God and the perceived self-interests of the United States as indistinguishable, what does faithful witness look like?"
That’s a very good question!

And to explore it further, you can read a lengthy excerpt from this book (about fourteen pages, single-spaced). It’s worth your time.