Wednesday, March 09, 2005

No dead cats

"Brethren, we should cultivate a clear style. When a man does not make me understand what he means, it is because he does not himself know what it means. An average hearer who is unable to follow the course of thought of the preacher ought not to worry himself, but to blame the preacher, whose business it is to make the matter plain. If you look down into a well, if it be empty it will appear to be very deep, but if there be water in it you will see its brightness. I believe that many 'deep' preachers are simply so because they are like dry wells with nothing whatever in them, except decaying leaves, a few stones, and perhaps a dead cat or two." (C.H. Spurgeon in Encounter with Spurgeon by Helmut Thielicke, p.90)

Lord, anything but dead cats; deliver me!