Monday, March 21, 2005

Preaching & spirit

“Don’t go about the world with your first doubled up for fighting, carrying a theological revolver in the leg of your trousers. There is no sense in being a doctrinal gamecock, to be carried about to show your spirit, or a terrier of orthodoxy, ready to tackle heterodox rats by the score. Practice the suavitier in modo [gentle in manner; resolute in execution] as well as the fortiter in re [with firmness in action.]. Be prepared to fight, and always have your sword buckled on your thigh, but wear a scabbard; there can be no sense in waving your weapon about before everybody’s eyes to provoke a conflict . . .

“If you really believe the gospel, you will be decided for it in more sensible ways. Your every tone will betray your sincerity; you will speak like a man who has something to say which he knows to be true.” (Charles Spurgeon in Helmut Thielicke’s book Encounter With Spurgeon, pp.102-103)