Tuesday, March 01, 2005


I've got a number of blogs on a variety of subjects. There's my site on a variety of ministry-related matters (www.fixyourmind.blogspot.com). There's my personal Bible study site where I post my study notes online (www.luke-acts.blogspot.com). The Sunday class I've been teaching on the OT Law this past quarter had a site of its own (www.itsthelaw.blogspot.com). And I have two blogs related to my hobby of studying the lives of Civil War veterans buried here in Baytown, Texas (www.baytowncw.blogspot.com) and in my home county in Oklahoma (www.sccwvets.blogspot.com).

That all changes today. My life isn't so neatly compartmentalized and so my blog presence won't be either. This site - preachersmith.blogspot.com - is a consolidation of all of those sites (except for the class site re: the OT Law; I've taken that one down). Over the course of the next month or so I'll be transferring some of the previously posted material on the fixyourmind spot to this one.

If you're one of the Civil War or genealogy buffs that surf my CW blogs, know that all of the previously posted Civil War material will be re-posted on this site before the CW sites are taken down. Material already published will get back published under January and February dates of this year so you'll have to look for that material in the Archives section of this site. Not previously posted Civil War articles and photos, whether Baytown, TX or Stephens Co., OK related, will typically be posted on Thursdays and/or Saturdays on this site. I realize this will make things a little more difficult for you, and for that I apologize, but hey, the postings on other days just might be of interest to you anyway.

As material from the other sites are transferred here, the previous will be taken down, so bookmark this new one now so you don't miss anything.