Monday, November 28, 2005

Escape from Dial-Up!

Tonight I made the leap from a dial-up ISP (Juno) to something more speedy (DSL ala Verizon). Okay, I went DSL three or four days ago, but tonight I got the router hooked up and now I can be online while the daughter is too. Yes, I know, we were two of the last six homo sapiens on earth still doing the dial-up thing, but I reasoned, it's only ten bucks a month and Juno has been good to me; rock-solid reliable and simple, to be exact.

Then Verizon, came along with a superb deal - $15 bucks a month for DLS speed (read that "way faster than dial-up, but only about one-half or one-third as fast as cable). And installation was a snap - hey, I didn't even have to call you, Wally, or you, John, for advice/help - aren't you glad?

I won't bother to bore you with the details of my brief affair with Cebridge cable Internet, oh, okay, I will briefly and candidly . . . suffice it to say that 40-50 (no preacher count there, either!) to customer support and tech support with still no fix in site was not my idea of a good deal. Unless you just need more stress in your life, avoid 'em.

Do yourself a favor and get a lot of your life back (not to mention your telephone connection) - ditch your dial-up ISP (I'm speaking to the remaining four holdouts here), and go DSL for just $5 more a month. I'm one happy camper with Verizon right now. And no, I'm not getting a kickback from Verizon for talking this way; I'm just tickled silly with the way this thing is workin' out!