Friday, November 25, 2005

What am I currently reading?

I recently picked up a copy of Inheriting Wisdom: Readings for Today from Ancient Writers by Everett Ferguson, a long-time professor at ACU, and am enjoying it immensely It is a topical collection of quotations on a wide variety of subjects from Christian writers within the first seven centuries of church history. I suspect I'll be sharing more than just a quotation or two from this book with you in classes, sermons, the church e-News and this blog because it's good stuff. One example, on the subject of parenting:
"Let our children receive the instruction that is in Christ. Let them learn why humility prevails before God, why pure love is strong before God, how reverence for God is beautiful and great and saves all those who conduct themselves in a holy manner and with a pure mind." (1 Clement 21:8); p.13
1 Clement is "a letter from the church at Rome to the church at Corinth, usually dated about 96 A.D. and traditionally ascribed to one of the Roman presbyter-bishops known as Clement." (p.293)