Sunday, December 11, 2005

Adoration & application - Lk. 1:67-80

Praise be to God, the Lord of the church. For he has stepped in and bought us back from sin. He has sent a strong Savior to rescue us from the clutches of all our enemies, including the evil one. In his kindness and because of his love, he has enabled us to serve him without fear by setting us right and setting us apart for himself for the rest of our lives.

You, Most High, have stooped low to prepare the way for us to come to you. Your light has penetrated our darkness and has provided for our deliverance. You have forgiven the sins that stood between us and have set us out on the path of peace to you. Who are we to
have received such mercy from you? Praise be to you, our God, the Lord!
I am not fit to guide and direct my own life. I have steered myself into sin again and again. Who can buy me back/redeem me from the mess I have made of my life?

The Lord

I am weak. I need strength. I can't do life, much less life that lasts, on my own. And where does the strength I need come from? Who will raise up that strength for me to see and rely on? Who can enable me to go on and to be/do what I must?


I am surrounded and outnumbered by situations/circumstances that work against me and seem bent on destroying me. There are even people who at times would do the same? Who can/will, step in and rescue me?

The Most High

I am a wounded man. Some of my wounds have come from others and some, I am ashamed to say, are self-inflicted. Who will show me mercy and give me the loving-kindness I need to heal me?


I am a forgotten man. What am I among the teaming billions who live? And what about when I die; who will remember me then?

The Lord

It's all about him, I tell you!