Friday, December 02, 2005

Looking into Luke

Back in January I shared with you a slow, steady way of studying a single passage of Scripture over the course of one week. No matter who you are, it's a very good, very simple way to study any passage in your Bible. Here is the structure for such a study once more:
Sunday - inspiration (paraphrase the text after comparing it in various translations)

Monday - question (jot down questions that come to mind about the passage)

Tuesday - connection (notice similarities and links the text has with other Scripture)

Wednesday - observation (write down various things I've noticed about the text)

Thursday - investigation (note quotes from reference works I've consulted on the passage)

Friday - petition (prayer shaped by the text)

Saturday - application (write a brief article applying the Scripture to life today)
Over the course of the next three months, in conjunction with our Sunday morning adult class study of the passages unique to Luke's Gospel, I'll be sharing here in my blog the fruit of my own engagement with these texts using the method outlined above. I'll follow the outline of these passages provided to us by Bill Ehlig (see yesterday's post here on my blog for a copy). In this way, I hope to help us all maximize the good we are able to grasp from this study.