Saturday, December 10, 2005

Petition & application - Lk. 1:46-56


Father in heaven, I lift you up in my soul! Again and again you have remembered me for blessing though I am nothing but a servant and deserve none of it. So may my life and ways call on those who follow after me to bless your name and declare that you alone are the Holy and Mighty One! You have always stretched out and given your mercy to those who bow down to you and submit their lives to you.

You have cared enough for me to discipline whenever I have been proud. You have brought me low when I have acted too big for my britches. When I have acted as if I did not need you, you have shown me just how much I need you indeed. And when I have been starving for you, you yourself have fed me abundantly.

Father, you have not just done me good, but you have blessed multitudes. You keep your word; you care for your children. And so may it be always and in you, may I rejoice forever! Amen.


He's Already Up Ahead
“He has performed mighty deeds . . . he has scattered . . . he has brought down . . . he has lifted up . . . he has filled . . . he has sent away . . . he has helped . . . he has remembered . . .“ Luke 1:51-54
I can see things in my rear view mirror. I can look out to the side and I can sort of see where I’m at right now. But I can’t see the road ahead! No, not at all! Where am I going? What’s going to happen? What do I do now?!

Wipers on. No, that only makes it worse! Washers on. They’re not pumping! “Got to get it off the road!”

Somehow I get it off to the side. Safe now - at least a little. Somehow made it through that swarm of traffic! Didn’t hit anyone; didn’t hit anything. “Thank you, Lord!”

That’s what it was like for me one time when I a speeding semi-rig splashed a huge glob of mud all over my front windshield. Suddenly I was driving totally blind! Seeing where I had come from wasn’t a problem, but that wasn’t my need. Neither was seeing where I was. But seeing where I was going? Now that was a problem, and that was my need!

Thing is, sometimes I catch myself driving my life like that. Things in my life get a little crowded or congested and without realizing it, suddenly I’m driving blind! I can see fine looking back, but the past isn’t what I really need to see. I can sort of tell where I’m at right now in the moment, but that’s not really getting me down the road either. It’s what’s up ahead that I need to know about, but somehow I’ve let that perspective of things get all globbed up and out of focus!

It’s right then that I need some help getting me out of the fast lane and off to the side so I can regain my vision. It’s right then that I just need to see what I want to believe is true. ... God is already up there ahead of me, clearing the way, making the way, working his way.
Somehow, someway his powerful hand is going to get me through it.

You see God doesn’t have a problem with what’s ahead. He can see ahead, see the future, just fine, thank you. He’s able to call future events as plainly as if they’re fading away in my rear view mirror. Time doesn’t hold its hand over its Maker.

Mary had that sort of moment. She understood like never before that God was working in her and though they be things yet to come to pass, they were like things that already were. The hungry were yet to be filled, and yet, he was filling them. The humble were yet to be exalted, but he was lifting them up already. His help was on the way before they knew they needed help at all. He was remembering people before they even wondered if they had been forgotten.

I want to live in that moment. That’s how I want to drive my life. See, when I can see God up ahead, when I trust God will do in the future what’s he’s been working in the past, then I can get on down life’s road. That’s when I can see him already providing and assisting me before I’m even messed up. It’s when I trust that come what may, surprises or things long expected, God will see me through things, it’s right then that I come really realize how the day-to-day driving is a lot less stressful somehow.

So Lord, help me to see to trust you. Wipe my vision clear so that I might trust you. When things get all blurred in my life, help me to remember that you remember, and so, I am helped.