Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Petition & application - Lk.2:1-7

Father in heaven, may there ever be room in my heart for him. May I never allow the powerful and their decrees intimidate me and control me so as to dethrone him from my life. May I not allow life's difficulties and injustices to embitter me and so, no longer give him his rightful place in my spirit. May I ever remember of whose line he is and may I never forget what he has endured for me. Amen.

He Understands
". . . Caesar Augustus . . . Joseph . . . Mary . . . " (Luke 2:1,4,7)
Life is hard and yet, who grasps the full extent of all the sacrifices you make in your life?

You may be a very powerful, influential man, but who understands the price you pay to shoulder the responsibilities you carry?

You may be a good, hard-working, law-abiding man just trying to stay honest and provide for those who depend on you, but is there anyone who gets what you go through just to do so?

You may be a poor, young mother with a new mouth to feed. Who honestly knows what you endure for the sake of your little one?

Jesus does.

The one who rules the cosmos understands. The one who provides for all living things gets it. The one who gave up everything to be born in a barn that you might be reborn knows like no other.

So the next time you think the load is too heavy or that the way is too hard or that the things required of you are too great, consider this - Jesus knows and knows firsthand, Jesus cares and cares with outstretched hands. He knows your name, he knows you, he knows your life and he knows all your circumstances.

And so, thank God. Thank God for Jesus.