Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Wednesday nites in our auditorium

This past Bible class quarter here at MoSt Church we made a study of some of the Psalms on Wednesday nights in the auditorium class. We entitled that study Complaining Well: A Study of the Psalms of Lament. We looked at eight different kinds of psalms of complaint/lament:
(a) psalms of the physically ill (such as Ps.6,22,38,41)
(b) psalms of people falsely accused (such as Ps.7)
(c) psalms of those with some general complaint (such as Ps.22)
(d) psalms from people who had been hurt by gossip (such as Ps.31)
(e) psalms from people seeking forgiveness (such as Ps.51)
(f) psalms from people enduring persecution (such as Ps.55)
(g) psalms from people seeking protection (such as Ps.61)
(h) psalms from people under oppression (such as Ps.94).
What we learned from that study was that through the example of these psalms we know God wants us to pour our heart out to him in prayer concerning those things - anything and everything - that truly troubles us and challenges our faith.

Starting last week, we began a mini-series through an entirely different set of Psalms. This study we've entitled Living Well: A Study of the Wisdom Psalms. This study will run through the next couple of weeks. From this study we'll see reminders of some of the most fundamental and helpful beliefs that undergird a strong, continuing walk with the Lord. Psalm 1 is the sterling example of a wisdom psalm. We've looked it and are in the process of exploring Psalm 37 (re: the seeming "success" of the ungodly) right now in this study. Psalm 32 (re: dealing with our own failures due to sin) will be up to bat next week, God willing.

Starting in early January, we'll begin a new study entitled The Tough Stuff: Difficult Passages in the Old Testament. To honestly deal with, rather than simply "read around," some of the "hard to understand" and/or "hard to believe" texts in the Old Testament is what this study will be all about.

There's good stuff happening in our auditorium every Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. If you're an adult that has yet to call a particular class your "home" on Wednesday nights, I'd like to see you become a part of this great group that meets in our auditorium that wants to get into God's word
and dig!