Friday, January 06, 2006

Connect & observe - Luke 10:29-37


Lk. 10:31 – “a priest . . . passed him by
“The LORD said to Moses, “Speak to the priests, the sons of Aaron, and say to them: ‘A priest must not make himself ceremonially unclean for any of his people who die, except for a close relative, such as his mother or father, his son or daughter, his brother, or an unmarried sister who is dependent on him since she has no husband—for her he may make himself unclean.” (Leviticus 21:1-3 NIV)
1. Jesus’ responded to both of the man’s questions (10:25,29) with questions (10:26,36).

2. Jesus’ first response was for the inquiring man to seek his answer in Scripture (10:26) while Jesus’ second response was for the man to seek out his answer from reasoning (10:36).

3. Two silver denarii were roughly equivalent to two day’s wages for a common laborer of the time (Matt. 20:9).