Monday, January 16, 2006

Know His Voice - Day 16

Know his voice - read Mark 4-6 today. And since we're reading Mark's Gospel this week in our church-wide Know His Voice project and since each of the Four Gospels have their own unique style and personality, I'll be teaching, God willing, on what make's Mark's Gospel distinctive in MoSt Church's auditorium class this Wednesday night (Jan. 18).

If you're looking for more material on Mark's Gospel, let me suggest you surf Dan Schrock's fine website Windows into the World of Jesus: Studies in Mark's Gospel. This site that will give you insight like few others into the context of Jesus' words and deeds as depicted in Mark's Gospel.

If you're a preacher-type or someone who simply trys to keep up with the trends of thought among scholars on Mark's Gospel (or all four Gospels, for that matter), you'd enjoy two of Sean Kealy's recent articles in the Biblical Theological Bulletin: "Change and the Gospels" and "Recent Reflections on the Gospel according to Mark."