Tuesday, January 24, 2006

MoSt's relay for life team

The wife and I are two of the sixteen people who currently make up MoSt Church's Relay for Life team, but we already know of several more who will be probably signing up this week. Won't you be one of them? Unlike some of you, I can't run a marathon, but I figure I can walk some. Can you? Then join up!

You need only to fill out a registration form and pay a $10 registration fee (check payable to the American Cancer Society; all donations are tax deductible). Our theme this year is Giving Cancer the Boot! Here is some general information about, and a brief history of, Relay for Life. Do talk with me about joining and serving in some way, whether you walk or not, won't you. After all, you do realize if you don't sign-up to serve, then I will be hitting you up to donate, right? :-)

Oh, and just how far do I plan to walk? God-willing and health (knees) permitting, I plan to walk all night! So when I hit you up for that donation to the American Cancer Society, know that I'll be earning it!