Monday, January 30, 2006

what you'll see on this blog

You'll find twelve kinds of posts here on my blog, appearing here in no particular order:
(1) the day's Scripture reading for MoSt Church members,

(2) odd items in the news, jokes and humor,

(3) notes connected with lessons or sermons I've recently delivered and observations on ministry, our culture, religion in our times and just generally the world as I see it,

(4) misc. MoSt Church news and happenings as well has happenings within the greater Christian world,

(5) choice quotes I've read of late relating to spiritual matters,

(6) sayings I've created and displayed on our church marquee ("What I said was . . ."),

(7) my take on a variety of books, articles, movies, software, Christian-oriented or otherwise,

(8) computer tips (PC biased and usually software or surfing related),

(9) original articles from yours truly on things spiritual ranging from devotional to technical in nature,

(10) articles by others that I deem worthy of your time and attention (particularly those by Rubel Shelly; I typically reprint, with permission, his weekly FAX of Life),

(11) links to other websites and Internet resources I've found helpful,

(12) a variety of search boxes intermingled with the links in the right hand column of this blog (i.e. - Bible search boxes, the perpetual calendar, today in history, Internet Movie Database, search engines, URL clipping services, quote of the day, etc.).
One final note along the line of #12 - make frequent use of the "Is that true?" search capability in the red Rollyo search box (immediately following "Culture" and preceding "Devotionals"). Use this feature to check out the validity of virtually any of the multitude of stories that commonly circulate via e-mail and the Net before you pass them on to others.