Sunday, February 12, 2006

glad you asked

This morning's sermon from Acts 24 dealing with a comparison of the conscience of two men, Paul and Felix, gave me some serious food for thought, and it apparently did the same for many of you. Here are three questions some of you asked:

"What were those three questions you gave us during this morning's sermon? I'm not sure I got them all down."

Here they are, something we'd all do well to consider on a regular basis:
1. What have I done lately to clear my conscience?

2. What truths have I been confronted with, but because of fear, keep trying to dodge?

3. Is my life truly about 'righteousness' and 'self-control'?
Could I have a copy of those quotes you gave regarding Felix and his ways?

It's definitely not a pretty sight, but here ya' go:
“Felix fell in love with Druisilla ... and sent a Jewish magician ... to aid him in luring her away from her husband * and into his arms.” (Josephus, Jewish Antiquities xx.105) * - Azizus, king of Emesa.

“Felix ... married Drusilla, granddaughter of Antony and Cleopatra. This meant that Claudius * was Antony’s grandson and Felix was Antony’s grandson by marriage.” (Tacitus, The Histories v.9) * Claudius - The Roman emperor at that time.

“Backed up as he was by such power, Felix thought that he could commit any evil act with impunity.” (Tacitus, Annals of Imperial Rome xii.54)

“... he indulged in all kinds of cruelty and lust and exercised the power of a king in the spirit of a slave.” (Tacitus, The Histories v.9)
Tell me that memory verse again?

Gladly. It's a good one to remind yourself of throughout the course of every day!
"So I always strive to keep my conscience clear before God and all people." (Acts 24:16)