Sunday, February 19, 2006

in Bible class this morning

Can just anyone get right with God?

If you truly turn your life over to God, how should that affect your dealings with people everyday?

What does Jesus think about church hypocrites?
If any of those questions interest you, then you'll certainly be interested in two passages that will be discussed in some of our adult Bible classes this morning, such as the young adults 20/20 class Ray Martinez will lead.

One of those accounts deals with two men praying in the Temple and Jesus' comments on the hypocrisy of one and God's acceptance of the other (Luke 18:9-14). What's particularly interesting is which one is the hypocrite and which one is accepted!

The other account (Luke 19:1-10) is a well known story we often associate with a children's song - Zacchaeus. But this story is anything but a "kid's story!" It's all about how far one of the richest, most despised men in town is willing to go to turn his life over to God - and climbing a tree is the least part of that!

There's great stuff on tap in our Bible classes this morning so don't let the chill in this morning's air slow you down. Warm up next to God's word and some of God's people today!