Thursday, February 16, 2006

keep hearing his voice

The Know His Voice readings for today, tomorrow and Saturday are:
Feb. 16 - Matt.13:53-58; Mk.6:1-6; Lk.4:16-30
(a prophet without honor)

Feb. 17 - Matt.8:14-17; Mk.1:29-34; Lk.4:38-41
(Jesus heals many)

Feb. 18 - Matt.8:1-4; Mk.1:40-45; Lk.5:12-16
(Jesus heals a man of leprosy)
This blog will probably be on break until Saturday due to my donating "all my wisdom" to an oral surgeon a little later this morning. :-) We'll see how I feel like blogging the next few days.