Monday, February 27, 2006

Lewis Cheek is mighty proud!

If you're a MoSt Church member, you probably know one of our own, Lewis Cheek. And today, Lewis has a right to be very proud!

It seems as how Lewis has a cousin named Joey Cheek. Yes, the very same Joey Cheek who won the gold medal in the 500m men's speed skating during the recent Winter Olympics. Yes, the same Joey Cheek who was selected by his team mates to carry the United States flag during the Olympic's closing ceremony. And yes, it is the same Joey Cheek who started a landslide of donations to a very good cause by donating his bonus from his Olympic performance! Or as Sports Illustrated summarized it:
"After winning the 500 meters [in men's speed-skating] on Feb. 13, Cheek, 26, announced that he would donate the $25,000 bonus from the USOC for winning a gold medal to Right to Play, the humanitarian organization started by Johann Olav Koss, the Norwegian speedskating legend who was partly responsible for Cheek's entry into the sport. When he earned another $15,000 for winning a silver later in the Games, Cheek also donated that money to Right to Play. Each time, he called on corporations to match his gift (eight have so far) and individuals to give as they're able. On the day the Olympics ended, Right to Play was $500,000 richer."
Selfless giving for the blessing of others is good! Go and do likewise.