Saturday, February 18, 2006

now I'm wisdom-free

The ol' wisdom teeth came out Thursday a.m. Three of the four came out easily. The fourth was virtually horizontal (a "10 degree mesial, partial impaction," I'm told, to be precise). The rest of Thursday was spent mostly laying down - very woozy, weak and sleepy (the sedation, I suppose; this is the first time I've ever been "put under" as an adult). Yesterday I was up most of the day and felt progressively better through the course of the day, but it was like my mind was still in a slight fog - yes, more fog than usual. :-) This morning, except for stiff, sore jaws, I feel normal. And I don't have chipmunk cheeks - I kept cold packs on all day Thursday.

Ray M. will teach the 20/20 class tomorrow and Bill E. will preach the morning sermon. Thanks, guys; you're a blessing!