Tuesday, February 21, 2006

that doesn't sound good

You've been consoling me in my mourning of my laptop's hard drive. And I thank you; however, consider this, your hard drive is quite mortal, too!

How can you know if your drive is terminally ill? One indicator is by the sounds it makes.

My hard drive was made by Hitachi and Hitachi has as a part of their website a set of sound files you can listen to that are recordings of hard drives going bad. My drive first made the sounds of .wav file #3 at first, then between it's "first resurrection" and just prior to it's final death, it made sounds similar to those you can hear in .wav #1.

Listen to the sounds on the Hitachi website. If your drive is making any sounds like those you hear on the website, let me tell you, you would be best served to drop everything, back up your data and prepare to open your wallet! Here's the URL. Just click on the file names.