Sunday, February 19, 2006

to all my fellow revolutionaries

Does it seem like church assemblies are "the same ol' thing" all the time?

Do you wonder of anything that happens during Sunday worship together really has any relevance to the real world?

Is church boring to you?

Do you wonder of you're wasting your time, and wasting your life, by doing what you do on Sundays as a Christian?
If so, I want you to consider something I read recently. It's from Luke Timothy Johnson's book entitled The Creed: What Christians Believe and Why It Matters. In context (pp.40-41), he's talking about how many of Christian heritage across the globe recite together the Apostle's Creed; however, his words are equally applicable to any of a number of things that happens when we Christian come together and worship God together in a Sunday worship assembly. They sing - the same songs. They pray - to someone they cannot see. They share words - ancient ones we call "Scripture." Etc. Do consider . . .
"In a world that celebrates individuality, they are actually doing something together. In an age that avoids commitment, they pledge themselves to a set of convictions and thereby to each other. In a culture that rewards novelty and creativity, they use words written by others long ago. In a society where accepted wisdom changes by the minute, they claim that some truths are so critical that they must be repeated over and over again. In a throwaway, consumerist world, they accept, preserve, and continue tradition. . . . worship is thus a counter-cultural act. This quietly dramatic behavior deserves our attention."
Indeed! I hope to see you, my fellow revolutionary, in just a little while.