Sunday, March 05, 2006

20/20 folks have 'homework'

Next Sunday morning, as our OT Heroes study in the 20/20 class continues, we'll take a look at Job. If you're a part of the 20/20 class, I have an assignment for you: read Job this week. Six chapters a day, starting today, will do it. We need to deal with what the Bible says about Job, not what we think we know about Job already! And I'm bold enough to guess that Job may not be at all the man you think he is, too. So, it's the word, not our preconceptions, we need to study. If you're under a time crunch and simply can't read the whole book, at least read the beginning, the sections where Job speaks, God's assessment of Job and the conclusion (Job 1-3,6-7,9-10,12-14,16-17,
19,21,23-24, 26-31,38-42). That's four chapters per day; very doable. Go for it; start tonight!