Friday, March 03, 2006

fires near Duncan

Some of you have asked me about recent fires in southern OK. Well, the entire area around my hometown, Duncan, OK, has been suffering a drought for quite awhile. Things were drier there this past summer and winter than I ever recall seeing them. A number of grass fires broke out immediately south and southeast of Duncan this past Wednesday and Thursday and, with the help of high winds, thousand of acres of land were burned off! Many of these fires were not far at all from the Prairie Hill Church of Christ in Meridian, OK where Mario Pineda, the father of one of our members, Michael Pineda, preaches. Following are Mario's words describing what happened.
"This past Wednesday, fires driven by high winds burned seven thousand acres in a nine mile stretch of land around us. (from Empire to Meridian; from Meridian to the Duncan fairgrounds) Many of our friends in the community lost homes. [At last count: fifty-three (53) homes and trailers destroyed] No one from the congregation suffered a lost home, although some suffered loss of pastureland. Some had fires come very close their homes. We are grateful to the Lord for our safety, and we give thanks for those who braved the fire to protect home and property."
No, the church building was not harmed and yes, these fires were well away from my father's home and my wife's folks, too. Do say a prayer for those families who suffered loss, if you would, though and for a firefighter who was critically burned. Authorities suspect arson was involved.