Sunday, March 12, 2006


God willing, we'll study a man named Job in the 20/20 class at MoSt Church this morning. Philip Yancey has summarized the essence of the Book of Job better than anyone I know in these few words:
". . . despite the fact that all but a few pages of Job focus on the problem of pain, I have concluded that Job is not about the problem of pain at all. Details of suffering serve as the ingredients of the story, the stuff of which it is made, not the central theme. ... Seen as a whole, the book of Job is about faith, the story of one man selected to undergo a staggering ordeal by trial. . . . Job must replay the original test of the garden of Eden, with the bar raised higher. Living in paradise, Adam and Eve faced a bast-case scenario for trusting God, who asked so little of them and showered down blessings. In a living hell, Job faces the worst-case scenario: God asks so much, while curses rain down on him." (The Bible Jesus Read, pp.49,51)