Wednesday, March 08, 2006

tonight in our auditorium

What we're serving up these days in the auditorium class on Wednesday nights here at MoSt Church is a bit of John's Gospel; however, this is definitely not your plain vanilla, verse-by-verse study. Rather, this is more of a topical study of John and deals with matters you may not have ever heard discussed in a study of John's Gospel, at least not lately.

Tonight's lesson is a good example. The title of it is "Misunderstood" and deals with texts throughout John's Gospel that depict Jesus as being consistently misunderstood. Make no mistake about it, people had a hard time "getting" Jesus. We still do.

So, I think I'd call this study I'm leading something of a stew. That is, it's got a little bit of everything in it, but somehow it all comes together and has it's own, unique flavor. Do come and taste the goodness of the Lord's word on Wednesday nights in our auditorium if you're not already a regular part of one of our other classes!