Wednesday, March 08, 2006

walking the night away

Do you know who is a part of MoSt Church's Relay for Life team now? In addition to me and my wife, I know of the following: Randy Bates, Phillip & Betty Benskin, Deneen Coffey, Julie Dooley, Beth Franklin, Eileen Hall, Dennis Heyen, Linda Howard, Stacia Laird, Susan Mohnke, Richard Moody, Chad Nall, Tim & Robyn Read, Ann Roland, Wendy Schwartz, Steven & Ingrid Wallace and Billy & Vertie Mae Young (if I've overlooked anyone, it certainly wasn't intentional).

All of these folks have something in common - they all need to receive $100 each to meet their minimum goal as a part of Relay for Life. In other words, they're more than willing to take your money, that is, your tax deductible contribution to the American Cancer Society. You'll receive a receipt. Can you help them out?

Now I've been nuts enough to commit myself to attempting to walk the entire time of the Relay; fifty or more minutes out of every sixty to be exact). That's all night long April 21-22! Now I'd do that for free, but I'd rather do it for money, so let me forthrightly ask you to help me meet my goal, too, won't you? The sooner the better. Because it's all about "Giving Cancer the Boot!"