Saturday, March 18, 2006

your prayers requested

For many years, MoSt Church has helped support the Jamaica School of Bible and Preaching. Gladwyn Kiddoe is the director of this school. Following is an excerpt from an e-mail we received from Galdwyn yesterday. Your prayers are requested.
I have been saying in my PowerPoint presentation on Jamaica work for the last eight months that Jamaica has the highest murder rate in the world. Well over the last few weeks this has been brought home so vividly.

Those four children and two adults all from one family viciously murdered (their throats slashed) in eastern Jamaica are from the Morant Bay Church of Christ a congregation I helped start as a young man in 1972. Jamaican evangelist Romeo Tomlinson' s wife Beverly is the sister and aunt of the murdered.

They will be buried on Sunday [tomorrow]. We will all be going to the funeral to be held at the Morant Bay church of Christ at 1:00 p.m. The Mona Acappella Chorus a group I direct will be singing at the funeral. Imagine committing six caskets to the grave on the same occasion!

The assailant in the case was charged on Thursday with the murders.

Then on Thursday another funeral service will be held this time at the Mona CoC for a murdered fifteen year old Mona High School student, Roberto Flemming. He was stabbed to death a few hundred yards from his home while coming home from church. His mother attended the Mona congregation. I am the chairman of the Mona High School Board and my daughter Stacy was the class teacher of Roberto Flemming at MHS. I will preach at that funeral and the Mona Accapella will again sing!

It is so very personal, this murder problem in Jamaica. You will remember that my wife Alva's father was murdered at his business place thirteen years ago in western Jamaica.

Please continue praying for Jamaica. We have so much work in the name of Jesus Christ to save our country.

God bless,

Gladwyn Kiddoe