Sunday, April 30, 2006

goin' to church?

Did you know that only about 18.7% of folks in the United States are "in church" on a given weekend? Now if that figure is less than one-half of the stats you're used to seeing on that subject, it's not because it's dropped all of a sudden, but because this stat is probably far more accurate, since it's based on "countin' heads" rather than "takin' polls." You can read more on David Olson's site and blog. Or just check out this recent article by Olson. By the way, the percentage is 19.1% in Texas. Yes, 19.1.

So, why do you "go to church?" I'd like to know what some of the big motivations are out there for you. To worship the Lord with others, you say? Some come because they always have. Others come because they have a strong sense of habit and duty. To be with friends, still others would say. And there are many more reasons. Do tell me yours; I'd like to know.

As for me, I strongly believe by just simply showin' up, we're blessin' others with powerful, real encouragement, for our presence is a statement that says to all who are gathered: "You're not alone in your believing; I'm right here with you in believing Him, too! We're in this together; take heart!" I need that. I suspect you do, too.

So encourage me and everyone else while you're at it today. Let's "come together as a church" in just a little while. See ya' soon!