Friday, April 28, 2006

quote to consider

". . . command and warn the people to be constant in assembling in the church, and not to withdraw themselves but always to assemble, lest anyone diminish the church by not assembling and cause the body of Christ to be short of a member . . . Seeing that you have Christ for your head . . . be not neglectful of yourselves and deprive not our savior of his members, and do not rend and scatter his body. And make not your worldly affairs of more account than the word of God; but on the Lord's Day leave everything and run eagerly to your church; for she is your glory. . . . Be constant therefore in coming together with the faithful who are being saved in your mother the church, the living and lifegiving." (Didascalia, about 230 A.D.)
(Source: Inheriting Wisdom: Readings forToday from Ancient Christian Writers by Everett Ferguson, pp.185)