Friday, June 02, 2006

definitions, please

I'm stealing (and very slightly modifying) some thoughts from Dallas Willard here. It's good stuff that needs to be said!

The common understanding of some words . . .
Discipleship - being serious about church involvement.

Grace - God's forgiveness for our sins that takes away our guilt.

Kingdom of God - the church, heaven, or the perfect realm that will exist at the end of history.

Love - a feeling of desire for, or to act nicely toward, another.

Salvation - going to heaven, not hell, after death.
Some more accurate, more Biblical, richer definitions of those same words . . .
Discipleship - learning to live your life as Jesus would if he were you. An apprentice of Jesus.

Grace - God acting in our life to accomplish whatever we cannot do on our own.

Kingdom of God - the present range of God's effective will, where what he wants done is done.

Love - to will the good of another and, as much as it is within our power, to act on that will.

Salvation - being caught up into the life that Jesus is living right now and on into forever.