Thursday, June 01, 2006

know his voice readings

I'll no longer be posting the Know His Voice readings on a daily basis. Instead, I'll post the week's readings on Sundays. For example, a post on this coming Sunday (June 4) will list the daily readings for June 4-10. It's still the same plan - read the passages given with the specified subject in mind and you'll have something of an idea of what Jesus thought/said/did about such things. The Scripture reference in ( ) is a good one to memorize and focus your thoughts on throughout that day. Here are the readings for today and the remainder of this week.
Thur., June 1 - Acceptance & inclusion
Luke 19:1-10 / John 4:1-42 (Luke 19:9b)

Fri., June 2 - Burdens
Matthew 26:36-46 / Luke 19:41-44 (Matthew 26:39b)

Sat., June 3 - Change
Matthew 9:16-17 / Mark 2:21-22 / Luke 5:36-39 (Luke 5:36)